Outside the ring My new album is out

You can purchase the album here! Only 19€ and shipping to your door included! (Europe and USA) Click here to buy it.

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Outside the Ring - NEW! Friðrik Ómar

The first single from Friðrik's new album - release date is 01.11.12.

I want to know
Friðrik Ómar

Song written by Friðrik Ómar & Örlygur Smári.

Suspicious Minds
Friðrik Ómar

Live recording from Fridrik's concerts. Tribute to Elvis Presley.

There must be more to life than this Friðrik Ómar

Friðrik Ómar LIVE Silfurbergi 24. nóv 2011

Come rain or shine
Friðrik Ómar

Standar Come rain or come shine in live performance by icelandic singer

A little less conversation Friðrik Ómar

Live recording from Fridriks tribute concert to Elvis Presley 2010.



A personal message from Fridrik! Hey guys - my new album "Outside the ring" is out

You can buy it here - thank you!

Fridrik ÓmarConcerts

3. nóvember Hof Akureyri
8. nóvember Harpa Reykjavík

Friðrik ÓmarOutside the ring

1. Outside the ring
2. Stronger
3. Heaven is higher
4. Illusions
5. I cant rely on luck
6. Ready for love
7. You caused the fire
8. I want to tell the world
9. Set me free
10. Carry me
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